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We realise that when space is limited the ability
Date: Nov 30, 2017 5:22:20 PM PST
Author: functioknalfabrics

We realise that when space is limited the ability
to have your furniture double up as both corner
sofas as well as corner sofa beds is a big plus.
Thats why a sofa bed mechanism can be fitted to
any of our corner sofas

The basic rule is that the corner sofa bed
mechanism needs to fit between a corner and an
arm (any type of arm is fine) and that you can
have up to 2 standard seats or one extra large
seat in the middle.

Our corner sofa beds comprise of 3 fold metal
action mechanism with a sprung polypropylene
base, this is covered with an 8cm thick foam
mattress. The dimensions of the corner sofa beds
when fully extended are 175cm long by 100cm wide
and the distance from the back of the sofa to the
end of the sofa bed is 235cm.

We understand that one big consideration with
corner sofa beds is comfort, not just how
comfortable is the bed to sleep on but how
comfortable is the bed to sit on? The sofa bed
mechanism itself is strong and sturdy and
designed for occasional use. When the bed is
folded away you sit on top of the mechanism, but
dont worry, youre not going to feel the metal
mechanism poking through as weve made sure that
the cushions on top of the sofa bed are extra
thick 9 inches in all.

Perhaps the biggest bonus of all is that you wont
need to worry about fitting a big corner sofa bed
into the room of your choice as the whole thing
flat packs so that you can assemble it in situ.
Now you can have a big comfy corner sofa bed in
your loft or basement!

All of our Corner Sofa Beds are available with
our extensive range of durable fabric and faux
leather products. All of our fabric covers are
removable, even the arms
bonding-fabrics/]bonding fabric[/url] which comes
in handy for cleaning as we also have a large
number of machine washable fabrics. Plus most of
our fabrics are covered in a stain resistant
coating as standard, so you dont need to fork out
extra for scotchguarding and our microfibre or
faux suede fabrics have excellent antistaining

All this makes Nabru the top priority for Corner
Sofa in uk

Take this opportunity to
bonding-fabrics/]functional fabric[/url] look at
fabrics, consider the arm options that you might
want for your corner sofa bed, look at options
and accessories or just go straight to buying a
Corner Sofa Bed

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