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You can control the color of the pasta
Date: Nov 27, 2017 6:21:25 PM PST
Author: abettertaffetas

You can control the color of the pasta very easily by adding more or less coloring, and it is a [url=]Self-adhesive tape[/url] fun way to teach your kids about the different colors and what results if you mix them together.

Some Simple Ideas

Now that you have the materials, it's time to get crafty! Try these projects on for size:

Pasta People

Materials Needed:

A couple different types of pasta and dried beans, like spaghetti, macaroni, tiny tube pasta, long tube pasta, wagon wheels, long spirals, tiny shells, wagon wheels
A piece of construction paper
White glue


1.Pour alcohol into large bowl and add food color.
4.Once dry, you may apply flowers or ribbon to decorate.

Dying Pasta

First you will need to be able to manipulate the pasta and color it to fit your theme or artistic needs.

Have Fun

One of the cool things [url=]Acetate taffeta[/url] about pasta is that there are so many different choices and variations.
2. But more importantly, you are looking for craft projects that are budget friendly! Keep reading to find out some simple projects using pasta that will impress your students and pocketbook.Then use for your favorite art project.

Macaroni Noodle Frame

Materials Needed:

Macaroni or other small pasta
1 - 3 X 3 terracotta tile
Plate stand
Black permanent marker
Small flowers



Pasta Jewelry

Materials Needed:

A piece of string about 40 cm long
Pasta pieces that you can thread string through


3. Here is the basic recipe:

Materials Needed:

Rubbing alcohol
Food colors
Noodles , uncooked


1.Color about ten to fifteen pasta pieces.
3.Spoon out, using slotted spoon, onto newspapers. Leave to dry.Paint. When the string starts to get full with pasta, tie both ends of the string together to form the necklace.
6.Thread the pasta pieces, one at a time, onto the piece of string. It is a great medium both cooked and uncooked, and cost just pennies per child! So the next time you think about creating a craft, bring out the old spaghetti noodles and start creating some fun!
.Apply macaroni/pasta.Add pasta, stir and let set until desired color.
2.Place tile on plate stand for display.Spread to dry (about 2 hours).
2. Use different colors and/or pasta shapes if you like.Let it dry (for about 30 minutes).Apply glue to the border of the area you outlined, leaving the center empty.Place picture in the empty center.In the center of the tile, draw the shape and size of the picture with the marker.Glue the pasta to the paper using white glue.You can use just about any type of pasta (or dried beans) for the body parts.Note: the more food coloring the brighter the pasta.
7.As an educator, you are always looking for quick and easy craft projects.Have the kids arrange the pasta on the paper before gluing (to make sure that they have room for the whole body on the piece of paper). Experiment with different variations.

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