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The peregrine falcon is the chosen icon for
Date: Nov 23, 2017 10:37:44 PM PST
Author: functioknalfabrics

The peregrine falcon is the chosen icon for
Hayabusa Fightwear, and just like the wide
ranging, self sufficient hunting bird, this
company has a fighting spirit that drives them to
succeed in business. The brand puts out exclusive
Hayabusa clothing for an increasingly loyal fan
base and stable of big name MMA fighters. Their
apparel has a distinct look and feel that
generates a sense of pride for martial arts
athletes that take their sport seriously.

Each item in their collection is designed with a
specific purpose in mind. From t shirts and fight
shorts to all the Hayabusa gear that fighters
need most, like handwraps, gloves, headgear,
pads, and guards, the vendor strives to give
fighters the tools they need and the quality they
deserve to make it to the top. When it comes down
to it, Hayabusa wouldn t expect anything less
from the customers they serve.

Take their gloves, for instance. Their Pro Hybrid
MMA Gloves have a high performance lining, Dual
Cross Directional closure system, and are made
from 100 Premium Grade leather for maximum
durability. They also carry a premier pair of
16oz Sparring Gloves with the same quality and
design that can be used in all types of combat

Don t forget that Hayabusa clothing adheres to
some of the highest quality standards in the MMA
apparel business, giving those who wear their
products the look and feel of a champion. The
beautifully crafted Uwagi Jacket is a perfect
example, blending superior Gi material with a
full zip front, lined hood, and embroidered logos
for a polished, professional looking jacket any
fighter would be proud to wear. The added
protection on colder days and bold red and black
styling is sure to make this a favorite within
the MMA crowd.

Hayabusa Fightwear also contributes some of the
most advanced fight shorts available. Their Shiai
Fight Shorts are made from an exclusive stretch
fabric with reinforced
bonding-fabrics/]bonding fabric[/url] stitching
for ultimate durability and strength. The
material is so advanced it actually inhibits High
IQ odor technology, keeping the shorts smelling
clean longer. The distinctive Hayabusa logo on
front and back and split side seams gives them a
sleek look that also provides a superior range of

What about accessories you say? Fear not, the
selection of professional Hayabusa gear is second
to none. Their Pro Handwraps are a unique blend
of cotton fabric with a direct embroidered logo
for a little extra flair. They carry premium
leather Thai Pads made with SoftForm inserts and
an ErgoGrip stabilizer for added comfort and

From the sidelines, you may be a little envious
of the good looking apparel you see on MMA stars.
Don t worry. Hayabusa has plenty of t shirts and
rash guards to go around, just like the pros
wear. In fact, items like the Mizuchi Longsleeve
Rash Guard even have advanced
bonding-fabrics/]functional fabric[/url]
antimicrobial technology to keep your body warm
and dry as you take in the action. You may even
be inspired to take up your own training routine
at home, and you ll be ready with Hayabusa
clothing in hand.

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