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You can use various patterns
Date: Nov 20, 2017 11:16:19 PM PST
Author: ruihengfabrica

  You can roll the pretty colored paper napkins
into cones and glue them along the seam and stuff
netted fabric into them.


  Kids and Paper Craft

  Kids love paper craft. Fill the cones with
various concoctions such as rice, candy or an
assortment of various sorts. The idea of paper
crafts germinates at a very tender age when
children get hooked on to it because of the
variety. This paper craft enables you to
understand the use of patterns, space and colors
resulting in a balanced co-ordination.

  You can use various patterns and give a
different look every time with these stamps.

  Similar to the method of making favors you
can also use the paper napkins to replace the
usual bouquets of the bride and the bridesmaids.
You should be clear as to what type of paper
craft you want to specialize in, the kind of
projects that you want to handle as some take it
as a hobby while for some it is a serious
pursuit. They are a source of enjoyment and
intrigue them as to the various shapes that they
can make. The techniques that were implemented
centuries ago are still very much prevalent and
any new idea or style is always welcome. You can
use stickers and chiffon fabric ribbons to
decorate these cones. You can introduce your kids
to paper craft where they can learn to make
envelopes, postal stamps, paper flowers, Chinese
lanterns, paper boxes, trees, leaves and

  Indulging in paper crafts is a form of
treasure hunting, for you have simple ones like
rubber stamping and scrapbooking to more diverse
and complicated forms like origami and ancient
paper cutting. You can also deal with collages
and paper cutting that is an Ancient Chinese art
form practiced 1400 years ago.

  Paper Crafts Used in Weddings

  You can display your paper crafts by making
favors for your friend's wedding and add charm to
the occasion. Your kids will revel in the process
of making paper puppets out of waste paper bags
with attached arms and limbs and faces drawn on
them. You can also go in for scrapbooking but for
some it may be a little tedious.Paper crafts is
one of the most engaging tasks that can give you
a thrill and it can be simple as well as
complicated. This art has an endless spectrum and
with imagination you will marvel at the various
creations. If you are a beginner then you should
start with the basics and nothing is better than
rubber stamping.

  Once you are familiar with the basics and
want to experiment with some ambitious projects
then you can try origami.

  Important Instructions

  It is necessary that you ask yourself a few
relevant questions before you start your paper
craft work as the answers will determine the
fulfillment of your job. You can try paper
cutouts which will give you a lot of satisfaction
while making your scrapbooks and collages

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